remix architecture methodology v0.84

Finally we translated the methodology into English so you can access now a the latest version documents here: RemixArchitecture-HUv0.84 (Hungarian) and RemixArchitecture-ENv0.84 (English).

As a next step we upgrade the documents into a small publication that can be used for promotion and lobbying among decision makers in public investment projects and competition processes.


remix architecture methodology

After quite some exhausting work we compiled a methodology to run open license-based architecture competitions. The latest version of the document can be accessed here (in Hungarian), English translation is coming soon.


workshop report

We concluded a very successful workshop with invited experts in March 2011. We gained a wide range of knowledge from understanding the motivations behind running/participating architectural competitions to the current practice, from legal feasibility of a new type of competition methodology to the roles and competences of participants in a competition that involves open licences.

You can read the full report about the workshop in English and in Hungarian.


photos by Hajdu Gáspár


Remix Architecture workshop coming this week

Remix Architecture, our initiative at KÉK - Hungarian Contemporary Architecture Centre, reaches its important milestone this week. Between 17-18 March 2011 we organize a two-days workshop where we discuss the socio-cultural, political and economical aspects of running alternative architectural competitions based on open licenses, such as Creative Commons.

On the first day, we meet invited experts to discuss the context and impact of such competitions. Invited guest include:

  • Bodó Balázs economist, assistant professor at BME MOKK, CC Hungary project leader
  • Borbély Gábor, CoLabs, StartupFlyer
  • Borgulya Gergely, architect, Graphisoft SE
  • Dr. Finta József architect, Finta Studio, member of Hungarian Academy of Sciences
  • Finta Sándor architect, sporaarchitects, head of Hungarian Contemporary Architecture Centre (KÉK)
  • Földes László architect, FÖLDES és Társai Építésziroda Kft., member of UIA ICC
  • Dr. Gyenge Anikó lawyer, BME MOKK, ELTE ÁJK, CC Hungary
  • Kalo Emese architect, Építész Kaláka Kft., head of Competition Committee at Chambers of Hungarian Architects (MÉK)
  • Dr. Komjáthy Attila architect, Mérték Építészeti Stúdió Kft.
  • Kovács Dániel art historian, hg.hu, Hungarian Contemporary Architecture Centre (KÉK)
  • Kruppa Gábor architect, KIMA Stúdió, member of Competition Committee at Chambers of Hungarian Architects (MÉK)
  • Dr. Sersliné Kócsi Margit chief architect at Budapest IX. district Ferencváros

On the second day member of Remix Architecture team accompanied by curators and member of  KÉK - Hungarian Contemporary Architecture Centre will work out a detailed methodology of such competitions. The methodology will be published later in March or April, online and maybe in print.

Very challenging workshop we foresee!


Remix Architecture @ Lift11

Attila Bujdosó talked about Remix Architecture as one of the Open Stage speakers at the prestigious Lift11 conference taking place in Geneva, Switzerland between 2-4 February, 2011. 

You can watch the talk here.

Attila Bujdosó at Lift11


"Architecture is a field of art with a very high public interest because of its economic, social, political and urban relevance. At the same time architecture is a very heavy (if not the heaviest) medium.

It is surprising how new concepts arisen from technological developments have so little impact on the architectural practice. For instance, open licenses such as Creative Commons licenses are little known and rarely used in architectural practice.

Deeply inspired by restricting but at the same time enabling presentation formats (Pecha Kucha Night presentationsLift talks, and so on) our project ‘Remix Architecture' addresses this question and aims to develop a new concept of architectural competitions.”


Our aim is to build a know-how on running alternative, open license-based two-phase architectural competitions. Participants of the first phase are required to submit their works under Creative Commons licenses - this allows in the second phase to feel freely inspired by and reuse others’ designs without critical legal restrictions.

We intend to develop a methodology to organize such competitions while examining its sociocultural, economical and political aspects and necessities. As a result we would prepare this methodology so it can be tested later in real life conditions and become a starting point of a open license driven public building processes.

Remix Architecture is a project by KÉK - Hungarian Contemporary Architecture Centre, supported (in part) by a grant from the Creative Commons Corporation.

video credits:

  • concept + text: Attila Bujdosó
  • design + layout: Bálint Ferenczi
  • photo + animation: Gáspár Hajdu

Reach us at remixarchitecture@gmail.com


we don’t think that one architect has the solution… we believe that more architects know more…

and we think it is really necessary to find ways to remix
… ideas

… concepts
… designs

we want a competition system that allows remixing
… economically

… legally

… practically

we propose a competition system that is
… refreshing like a PechaKucha Night
… inspired by open source culture
… offers flexible copyright licenses like Creative Commons

in order that
good ideas find smoother ways towards realization
… architects enjoy more freedom to reuse design ideas
… sources of inspiration are more easily accessible
 that would result in
… more effective ways of evaluating ideas
… higher architectural quality 
… more transparent competition process